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Using Wood Outdoor Deck Lighting

Having a wooden deck on your home can give you a lot of additional usable outdoor space. Making sure there is adequate wood outdoor deck lighting to provide safety as well as light for activities can make it more usable. Whether the deck adjacent to an outdoor swimming pool or simply provides a place for chairs and a table, adding wood outdoor deck lighting will enhance the utility of this area. There are several types outdoor deck lighting available to fit the décor of the outside space as well as the basic design of your home.

Wood Outdoor Deck Lighting Safety

For safety purposes you should probably choose one of the many low voltage 12 Volt DC lighting systems to add your wood outdoor deck. This is especially true when children or pets are using the deck, a low voltage system reduces the potential for electrical shock and additional dangers if located near water.

Fiber Optic Deck Lighting

Another option to consider is fiber optics in which there is no heat or electricity running near any of the lights. Fiber Optic Outdoor Lighting The power is confined to the lighting source, allowing its use near water and even under the water is considered safe, and can provide many opportunities for unique decorating options. Another advantage of wood outdoor deck lighting using fiber optics is its ability to change colors on a whim or to coordinate colors with specific seasons. The popularity of outdoor fiber optic lighting came from the ability of the optics to remove the light source from a possibly hazardous environment. Fiber optics make it possible to not only distance the electricity from the lighting area, but also made changing the bulb a much simpler proposition.

Wood Outdoor Deck Lighting Safety

If your deck has steps leading into the house or into the yard, recessed lighting fixtures can be fit into the steps or to the sides of the steps that can provide unobtrusive wood outdoor deck lighting as well as aid the safety of the family and guests. There are also fixtures to attach to the top of the deck railing or on the deck itself to provide illumination for quiet times or many activities.


Any wood outdoor deck lighting fixtures installed should match the house as well as the deck. Available in different materials and colors, including combinations of wood and metals, the fixtures can fit into the home with subtlety, becoming almost invisible until the lights are turned on.

You may also want to consider combining different styles of wood outdoor deck lighting fixtures to complete a design that provides for different means for the lighting. The lights can also be split in types to allow for changing the amount of light available on different sections of the deck. Using low voltage, subdued lighting to create a quiet atmosphere, with others sections illuminated by 120 volt bright lighting where more light may be needed to illuminate the entire deck area.


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