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Provide Safety With Outdoor Step Lighting

If you have steps in your outdoor space, one of the best items you can add is outdoor step lighting to provide a measure of safety and help people find their way up and down stairs in the dark.

This will Limit the potential for falls after the sun goes down.

Lighting your outdoor steps can protect you from falls as well as potential legal complaints.

Providing a safe means of negotiating stair steps in the dark could leave you open to potential liability problems.

Lighting is available in a variety of colors and designs with many capable of being recessed into the stair risers or mounted on side walls to provide the light where it is needed the most. In the dark, outdoor step lighting can provide that extra bit of protection needed to prevent falls. With bulb strength ranging from 12 to 25 watts the light is sufficient to mark your way on the steps but not bright enough to be an annoying distraction to activities going on around the home.

Particularly useful in out-of-the-way places around the house such as back yard patios and pool decks, outdoor step lighting can also be used on front walkways where stairs may lead to a porch or an upper level of steps. Neighbors may not welcome the brilliance of some outdoor lighting but the subdued nature of most outdoor step lighting fixtures will not usually be accompanied by complaints of bright lights.

Lighted Treads Makes Treading Safe

You can find metal housings designed for being recessed into wood or brick steps can be almost invisible during the day, while other designs such as short steel posts are ever-present and provide the light needed to negotiate stairs at night. Using a simple switch to turn your outdoor step lighting on and off is about the easiest installation method. But adding a motion sensor or an electric eye can help keep your power costs under control.

Solar Outdoor Step Lighting

For difficult installations, or in areas where the location is too remote or impractical to run electric power lines, solar powered outdoor step lighting can be used. They use an internal battery that is charged during the day and operate on battery at night, usually with enough power to get through the night. However, installation has to be made to insure the solar cells are in the sun all day in order for a sufficient charge in the batteries is realized.

Path lighting can also be used as outdoor step lighting as their height of between 12 and 24 inches from the ground place the light at a good height to illuminate the steps while being an overpowering source of distraction. Also, see my article on outdoor path lighting as I did not include it in this help article on outdoor step lighting.



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