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Improve After Dark Safety With Outdoor Stairway Lighting

Having adequate lighting for outdoor steps and stairs not only provides safety and security for family and guests, but also gives your home’s exterior an attractive look at night.

Many Varieties Available

Because the many varieties of outdoor stairs, you will find many different styles of outdoor stairway lighting to match the landscape and resolve the safety concern of traversing stairs in the dark. Many people have added decks to their homes over the years and typically they are in areas of the home in which lighting is scarce. Adding low voltage outdoor stairway lighting to any steps that may be attached to the deck can add to their safety.

The amount of light you want hitting your steps will determine the type of outdoor stairway lighting you will want to add. For some, a bright pole light attached near the steps will suffice. For others, lighting that attaches to the walls adjacent to the stairs is more aesthetically pleasing and still others may decide on miniature floods lights that can illuminate two or more steps at a time. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Power Supply

Many times supplying a power source for outdoor stairway lighting may be difficult if not impossible. For the situation in which running new electric lines or using extension cord are too difficult or expensive, solar-powered lamps can be used. They are easy to install and require no knowledge of electricity. Most of them require placing them where they will do the most good and turning them on. They are designed to come on during the evening and turn off during the day while the power-pack recharges.

On At Dusk Off At Daybreak Keep Power Costs Down

Even without solar powered lights, having your outdoor stairway lighting connected to an automatic sensor can save money on electricity. Having them turn on at dusk and off at daybreak can provide the light you need, but only when it is most needed. In cases where you do not want the lights to burn when no one will benefit from their use, a timer can be used to have them come on at a certain time and off at a preset time. However, most can be connected to a simple on and off switch you can use when you want the lights on.

If you only need your stair lights to come on for a few hours in the evening instead of all night, use a timer. A more sophisticated timer will even adjust to the time of year. As an alternative to low voltage systems, solar stair lighting switches itself off when the battery runs out of energy.


Recessed Lights Recessed lights are usually mounted flush with the surface of the patio or deck. Some fixtures can be walked on. Do not alternate as recessed lights have a spotlight effect and should be installed on every stair.

Flush Mounted Stairway Lights

Flush-mounted lights that can be fitted into the risers of stairs are popular, but require carpentry skills as well as knowing how to wire them in. Typically, the installation of this type of outdoor stairway lighting is left to professionals, as there is always the chance of electrical problems if done incorrectly.

Short lamp-style fixtures can also be used for outdoor stairway lighting when it provides a better match to the landscape and provide safety and security to any outdoor living space. Whichever style you choose, you can only benefit from the use of outdoor stairway lighting to provide safety in navigating steps after dark.

Post Mounted Outdoor Stairway Lighting

Post mounted outdoor stairway lights are mounted on the post of a stair railing at least 15" - 17” from the top of the riser. By alternating these lights on either side of the stairway you can create pools of light that illuminate the entire stairway.


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