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Commercial Outdoor Bollard Lighting

I used mainly for security and to enhance safety. Commercial outdoor Bollard lighting is available in different styles and sizes to meet the needs of individual businesses. Typically standing about three feet high with a diameter of three or six inches, commercial outdoor Bollard lighting can be used in areas around a business to provide deterrent lighting as well as provide illumination for security patrols.

Many features are available for commercial outdoor Bollard lighting that make them a great addition to a company’s property, serving as parking lot lane guides after dark as well as marking the boundaries of the lot to prevent cars from venturing onto the lawn. Typically, commercial outdoor Bollard lighting will house a 25 watt bulb and operate on 12 Volt power driven by a transformer, similar to pathway lights that may line a residential walkway or driveway. The majority of users will use the Bollard lighting fixtures to offer a small degree of security while reducing light pollution around the building.

A lot of large businesses will surround their perimeter with commercial outdoor Bollard lighting to not only light the sidewalks and doors, but also to provide a degree of security. Especially outside of windows and doors where the potential exists for break-ins or vandalism. The light can help deter crime and force those who may commit a crime to other buildings not so protected.

Designs To Fit Your Landscaping

Obtainable in designs from simple squares and circles to elaborately decorated devices. The materials chosen should also be made to withstand any adverse conditions in which they will be expected to operate.

In addition to oblong, round and square commercial outdoor lighting fixtures by Bollard, they are available in a variety of materials. In addition to steel and stainless steel they can be found made of cast aluminum as well as fiberglass. Placement of the lights can be important in more ways then simply providing illumination for walkways and doors.

They should be protected from potentially hazardous traffic patterns. Despite the fact they are illuminated after dark, during the day they may be difficult to see and could be damaged by vehicles straying from the normal driving areas.

Some commercial outdoor Bollard lighting fixtures can also be used for lane numbering or designating with the light showing through a translucent material on square fixtures. Usually about 24 inches tall, the six inch by six inch fixture is bolted into the base with a changeable number or letter on two sides to mark the lane, such as those used in parking lots.




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