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Outdoor Christmas Tree Lighting Ideas

For many families, the art of outdoor Christmas tree lighting is planned out before the first bulb is attached to the tree. Special arrangements of the bulbs and the colors or combined to form just the right look, all pre-planned on paper. Many go so far as to purchase special large outdoor Christmas trees simply to decorate just like an indoor tree with all the lights and ornaments. This is make sure the neighbors and passers-by understand what they are trying to achieve.

Many kinds of outdoor Christmas tree lighting ideas available, typically most ornaments and bulbs are able to be used indoors or outdoors, but many are limited by the number of strands that can be connected together without fear of sparking a fire. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Additionally, newer light strands have an extra wire to prevent the entire strip from going out if one bulb burns out. This eliminates the need to check every bulb in the even the entire string is dark.

Fuses are now included in almost all strings of outdoor Christmas tree lighting to help prevent fires and usually if the entire string will not light, changing the fuse can add life to the lights. However, even though your placing the lights on a tree outside care must be taken to avoid damaging the wires during installation to avoid a shock don’t allow bulbs or extension cords to lie on the ground where they can get wet as this could cause a shock.

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