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Antique Outdoor Gas Station Lighting Fixtures

Antique outdoor gas station lighting is scrupulously created to exactly resemble the equipment from the past. Most of the equipment is made of sturdy aluminum which will survive and remain attractive in severe outdoor conditions. These lighting fixtures include the names of the great gas suppliers from many years ago so these appear authentic. Those customers who want the real thing will find some antique outdoor gas station lighting that is totally authentic but restored to the original condition. The original gas station equipment has the inside part of the equipment removed so the gas station lighting is easy to ship and move.

Antique outdoor gas station lighting is designed by creative designers with a love for the great atmosphere from comfortable days gone by. These designers create wonderful themes that carry throughout an area. The antique outdoor gas station lighting is manufactured to enhance and implement the creations of these talented designers. The manufacturers have created exact replicas of antique outdoor gas station lighting. The designs are great copies of the lighting from happy days. The equipment manufactured currently is sturdier than the older models, but the charm of this equipment is wonderful. Some of the companies that manufacture antique outdoor lighting will wire the equipment for use inside the home or outside in the yard.

Check These Dealers For Outdoor Gas Station Lighting Fixtures

Bevolo Outdoor Lanterns-Bevolo makes handcrafted and hand riveted metal gas and electric porch lights since 1945 in the heart of The French Quarter. They offer copper and brass lanterns of all types as well as overhead pot racks for kitchens. www.bevolo.com

Charleston Gas Lights--handcrafted copper outdoor lanterns in gas or electric. They will also custom make outdoor lanterns of your own design. See the historic lantern designs on the web site or call for a free catalog. www.charlestongaslight.com

Carolina Lanterns-exterior lighting fixtures for homebuilders, interior designers, and architects, the original authentic Charleston Lantern for gas for electric porch or wall mounted or post mounted outdoor light. They ship from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. www.carolinalanterns.com

Graham's Lighting Fixtures has served the Mid-South of the U.S. for over forty years. Now that design expertise and commitment to quality is available nationally. Be sure to look at the handsome, large porch lanterns. Personally selected by Graham's buyers in Europe's finest factories, you'll find exotic imports, and rare antique lighting fixtures from all over the world. Grahams is known for expert advice. Grahams is one of the few places to get good looking Italian exterior lighting fixtures. . If you have searched the world over and still cannot find the light that says just the right things to you, perhaps you need a custom handcrafted chandelier or lantern. Grahams create a unique fixture for you in almost any material, any style. I grew up in a home with simple but elegant Grahams custom chandeliers in the entrance hall, dining room and custom exterior lanterns above the front and kitchen doors and on the garage. Over 30 yrs ago and good as new. www.grahamslighting.com

Lighting Forum offers a vast array of lighting fixtures. They have free shipping for large orders. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Lighting Forum offers Antique Fixtures & Reproductions, Lamp Shades and has an Outdoor Lighting Catalog and even offers 'Back to the 60's Style' Lighting section. Lighting forum carries their own exclusive line of stunning, tiffany-style creations. Lighting forum is a division of Aimrite Lighting, upper-end showroom, of Lynbrook, Long Island, NY. www.lightingforum.com

Van Dyke's Restorers-Old world style light fixtures and fittings can be ordered from Van Dyke's Restorers. They specialize in house parts and hardware that is very hard to locate. Other items like antique style lighting, hooks, drawer pulls and odd shaped shower curtain rods are a specialty. www.vandykes.com Red Baron Antiques -is know world-wide for it's outlandish and over the top inventory of furniture, lighting fixtures, architectural elements, etc..Their stock changes continuously and an example of what is offered today is a Monumental Gothic Revival chandelier in cast bronze. 13 ft. drop x 5 ft. diameter.--Imagine that !! www.redbaronsantiques.com/chandeliers.htm

Hinkley Lighting-Was founded in 1922, Hinkley Lighting is a fourth generation family owned company, Hinkley is proud of its status as a respected member of the lighting community.The first catalog featured a collection of 14 outdoor lanterns. Since the Hinkley product line has expanded to include over 1000 items in many different categories. From chandeliers and sconces, to mini-pendants and the popular halogen bath lights, Hinkley has the fixtures to meet all of your decorative lighting needs. True to their roots, they continue to offer a large selection of outdoor lanterns, porch lights, porch lanterns. www.hinkleylighting.com

Lamps Lighting -offers light fixtures for home lighting. They have hundreds of them. They only ship to the USA lower 48 states. Lamps-Lighting ship via UPS ground unless the item is very large then they ship via truck. www.lamps-lighting.com

Unique Antique Outdoor Gas Station Lighting

Antique outdoor gas station lighting is available for those who would like to create a unique atmosphere in the areas around their home while providing security and safety. Many people love to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors, and many people have the property available to do many different activities outside. Antique outdoor gas station lighting can provide the tools necessary to illuminate an area so all the friends and family can socialize outside and remain safe and secure. Although people love to be outdoors, they do not want someone falling and injuring themselves because the outside area is dark and gloomy.

On the other hand, these same people do not want huge, unattractive lights that detract from a beautiful decorating job with a unique theme. Antique outdoor gas station lighting can provide many functions for those with some outdoor spaces. Antique outdoor gas station lighting is available, and this equipment will illuminate areas so people can walk, swim or play board games outdoors in a charming atmosphere. This antique outdoor gas station lighting will illuminate areas so intruders will feel threatened while family and friends feel safe, secure and welcome. Everyone should be able to make better use of the property that they own.


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