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Outdoor House Lighting Installation Tips

There are a lot of different options for outdoor house lighting fixtures for your home's exterior. Reviewing your exterior by area (walkway, driveway, landscaping) will help break it up into smaller projects.

Outdoor house lights increase the amount of time that you can spend outside enjoying your yard! During the summer months, the yard becomes an extension of the home. In the evening, after the hot sun has gone down, is the optimum time to be outdoors.

Outdoor house lighting is available in many styles just like interior lighting, so you can easily harmonize the lighting with the architecture of your home. If you love to spend time outside in your yard, you know how important outdoor lighting is to make your yard enjoyable any time of the day. Exterior lighting is essential for not only the visual enhancement of your property, but also for safety.

Outdoor house lighting can be used in a number of areas. These areas include the yard, the deck or porch area, as well as the pool and a number of other areas. Outdoor house lighting is usually electrical, but can include gas, or even lit by oil. Gas lights are best suited for garden parties, providing soft yet adequate illumination. Additionally, fiber optic outdoor lighting can be used around water and has the capability of changing colors, features lacking in most other light installations. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Outdoor lighting can also be a great way to enhance the appearance of your landscape. Bringing low lighting to your garden also extends the viewing time of your garden throughout the night.

To avoid over lighting your yard, position outdoor house lighting in unobtrusive places and any areas that need to be illuminated for safety or security reasons. Then decide which outdoor areas you'd like to use at night, and what you'll be using them for.

As an example a “Spread light” style could be used to define the edges of a path where the grass or garden meets the walkway. Bollard lighting is taller and used to mark an entrance or path. And, weed killers can give your grass a manicured look.

Consider using more delicate path lights to highlight areas, like water features and seating arrangements. An example could use path lights shaped like graceful flowers, with a gentle light subtly nestled within the bowed head of the bloom.

Outdoor House Lighting As A Crime Deterrent

A great benefit to backyard lights, can help protect a home from burglary as well keeping your guests safe from falls and spills in the dark. Outdoor lighting is a proven crime deterrent whether you are in the house or away on vacation. Imagine that you make your living breaking into homes and stealing electronics, jewelry, and other valuables would you prefer a well lit area or something dark to make your entrance.

Entrance Lighting

A separate rear or side door can be lighted with a single wall light installed on the keyhole side of the door. To conserve energy, consider post and wall lanterns that use new compact fluorescent or high-intensity discharge light sources such as mercury vapor or high pressure sodium. A separate rear or side entrance can be lighted with a single wall lantern installed on the keyhole side of the door.

The Different Types Of Outdoor House Lighting

You will typically find four types of outdoor house lighting suitable for outdoor and landscape use. The first option is traditional powered lights that connect to your house’s 110v electrical supply which usually requires professional installation. The two most commonly used outdoor house lighting option is low voltage outdoor lighting and the other is solar outdoor house lighting.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

The low voltage landscape lighting can be both decorative and functional and allow you to maximize the display of our herb and flower beds, but won’t interfere with necessary tasks like snow plowing and watering. Low voltage lighting changes the monotonous landscape features giving the home exterior, including garden beds, paths, trees, decks or patios and any other architectural spots requiring highlighting, a special effect. This system of lighting offers a perfect look to the targeted outdoor. You can find low voltage outdoor house lighting systems in local Wal-Mart and other home centers at very affordable rates.

Solar Lighting

With solar lighting you seldom use wiring and cables. Each lighting fixture features a solar collector panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy. This energy is stored in rechargeable batteries used to illuminate the fixture at night. One thing you should know about solar lighting is that the light that is emitted is not as bright as other forms of outdoor landscape lighting. Whether or not you consider this a disadvantage will probably depend on your individual taste.

Solar outdoor house lighting works well to highlight pathways and features in the yard. Some solar lights, such as the Hampton Bay convertible Tiffany die-cast solar lantern, can be used to light pathways or as a table lamp when removed from its shepherd’s hook.

Special trees in your yard can be emphasized by the placement of solar lighting around the base or even hung from the branches using the hook attachments that are included with some fixtures.

Using Outdoor Fiber Optic Lighting

Fiber optic outdoor house lighting offers many unique fluorescent color options and offers the homeowner great versatility. In many cases, fiber optic lighting systems provide your pool with a mini-light show. Like any creative work, the options abound.

About Outdoor House Lighting Conclusion

Your goal is to enhance your property, extend the hours of outdoor enjoyment and provide an outdoor landscape lighting design for the safety of your family and guests. When using outdoor home lighting, you have freedom. You have freedom to leave your home while knowing that your lights are going to provide you, your family and possessions a certain margin of safety.

Electrical Safety: When handling any electrical devices (especially 110 volt ac which is house current outdoors) please make sure to consult with a licensed professional who has formal experience in dealing with electricity. There are many variables and safety precautions to consider that you may not be familiar with.


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